Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Officers Dedication

Have you ever stopped to think just how much time and dedication our Officer's/Deputy's put into their job? They are truly dedicated (with the exception of a few idiots nationwide who don't seem to care and just use the badge for other reasons). I know I have had several dinner plans that have been postponed or canceled due to unforeseen calls or certain responsibilities that must be completed before they can even think about coming home, and I know that my Deputy is one who is willing to work those long days to get done all that he needs to.

Our Deputy's revolve around helping others. Each Deputy has an amazing compassion and dedication that would be hard to replace and they are each an appreciative member of our communities. I know that my Deputy, Garrett loves getting involved with what he can. He is a proud member of the very first Honor Guard Team for our county and he is on the Sheriff's Office Dive Team.

I know there are days that we only get to see our Deputy's for only a few minutes in a day while passing, but that is better than not seeing him at all. I guarantee you that every night my Deputy goes to work I take that extra kiss and tell him to be safe and I will see him tomorrow. <3